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The Called Woman to help women reinvent their careers | Community Spirit

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The Called Woman to help women reinvent their careers
The Called Woman to help women reinvent their careers

MARIETTA, Ga. -- You know you've been here before, asking yourself what you should do with the rest of your life.

Or maybe you're already realizing you have some great ideas, but you just don't know where to start making any of them happen.

Maybe you are just getting back into the work force, or maybe you are stuck in an unfulfilled career just wishing you did something you loved, something that made a difference, something that made you excited to get up in the morning and get started living your dream, realizing your purpose and making your passion happen.

That can all change on March 15, 2014!

Does this sound familiar? Recent studies revealed that only 53% of Americans were content with their jobs and less than 10% were truly satisfied. But what if you could actually spend a whole day learning how to reinvent yourself? You can and it's happening this March at the Called Woman Conference in Marietta.

This year's theme is “The Called Woman, A Reinvention Convention” and with speakers, breakout sessions, hands-on activities and a Q&A session, this year's conference promises to teach participants the nuts and bolts to get out of their rut and turn a dream idea into a rewarding result.

With today's uncertain economy, it's more imperative than ever that people find a fulfilling path they can grow and thrive in with purpose and passion. Three Georgia women are sponsors of the conference; Cherokee County educator Lynne Watts, Kathy Brunner and Kim Wiggins have made their passions happen and are thrilled to be sharing their expertise with the participants.

“This year's conference is about truly getting something started and not just talking about your idea,” says Kathy Brunner who also adds, “We want other women to realize there is a wonderful support system out there to help you realize your ideas and dreams. So we developed this conference keeping that idea in mind, making it both affordable and accessible to women who want to continue the connection following the conference. If you have an idea or just wish you were doing something different, we promise you will leave with some wonderful fuel to move ahead and reinvent your life.”

The Called Woman Conference is being held at MUST Ministries in Marietta on Saturday, March 15, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Lunch is included with the registration. Watts suggests you register and bring along your mom, daughter, sister, colleague or friend who needs a little inspiration and some ideas to reinvent herself as well. Registration for the conference is at acalledwoman.com. Information about speakers, topics and schedules can be found on this site as well.

Find your mission, change your mindset and learn ways to market your ideas so that by this time next year, you will be on an amazing journey fueled by your plan, passion and purpose.