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Thief steals trailer filled with moms' baby cribs | Crime

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Thief steals trailer filled with moms' baby cribs
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Thief steals trailer filled with moms' baby cribs

WOODSTOCK, Ga. -- Who would steal anything from new moms?

That's just what happened in Woodstock.

Someone drove off with a trailer full of baby cribs.

The 5' x 8' trailer, containing five new cribs and five new mattresses, was locked and parked behind a parenting ministry for new moms in Woodstock.

But when Monti Price came to work Wednesday morning, "There was a big, empty space where my trailer usually is."

Price called Woodstock Police.

Price runs a thrift shop business called Baby and More, on Molly Lane, off Highway 92 and Interstate 575, which helps fund The HOPE Center, next door -- a nonprofit that educates and counsels and supports new moms in need.

The ministry uses the trailer to distribute brand-new cribs and car seats to participants in the program.

The ministry's logos are all over the exterior of the trailer: "Baby and More", "The HOPE Center" and also "Safe Kids of Cherokee County."

The trailer has a Georgia tag: TL 6Y131.

Brittany Duncan, the Public Information Officer for Woodstock Police, said the trailer, a 2002 white Cherokee single-axle two-wheeler, disappeared some time between 6 p.m. Tuesday and 9 a.m. Wednesday.

The trailer is a crucial part of the organization's outreach.

"We pick up the cribs for the clients" using the trailer, Price said -- new cribs that are often donated to the program. "So we're helping moms have beds for their babies, who otherwise wouldn't. And we also do car seats for Safe Kids of Cherokee County."

The new moms who are admitted into the HOPE Center program participate in classes in order to "earn" a crib and car seat.

"The moms come and take classes, and some have children under 3 years old when they first come to us," Price said. "But most are pregnant moms, and they will take classes, pre-natal classes all the way through to parenting classes, any education a mom would need. And it's called Earn While You Learn, to earn the crib after several weekly classes, to educate them on how to keep their children safe and help them provide a nice bed, not just a used bed that we don't know anything about, but a nice, new bed."

Price said there is currently a waiting list for the cribs, and the first person on that list was due to pick up her crib this week.

"She's not going to have a crib, right now," Price said, shaking her head. "I don't think the thieves were interested in the cribs, I don't think they knew the cribs were there, I think they liked the trailer."

The theft is a blow to the program, said Executive Director Cindy O'Leary.

"And with 10 people on a waiting list currently, earning their way toward those cribs, we're really hoping that those who stole the trailer will come under conviction and return it. They will probably be surprised with the contents, and we would love to have the cribs returned, and be able to distribute them."

Monti Price and Cindy O'Leary say they are forgiving women who just want the trailer and cribs back, for the new moms.

"You know, they're taking away from people just like themselves, probably," said Price. "They're probably on hard times and doing desperate things. We're having desperate times, too. But it doesn't mean you go and take things from other people."

O'Leary said the staff said a prayer while Price was calling 9-1-1 Wednesday morning.

"The Lord can work all things together for good," O'Leary said. "And we're just trusting. Good will come of it."

If you see the trailer, call Woodstock Police at 770-592-6030.

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