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Mom is thankful her son survived mass shooting | News

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Mom is thankful her son survived mass shooting

WOODSTOCK, Ga -- It's one of those moments no parent should ever have to experience. You answer a phone call and someone on the other end tells you "you're child has been shot." That's the call Theresia Sutton received Monday morning.

"I mean it was just mass chaos," Sutton said. "Everybody was running and screaming." That's how her son described to her the scene at the FedEx terminal in Kennesaw when a gunman shot six people with a shotgun.

Brandyn Stonebraker, 19, was transported to Kennestone Hospital to be treated for his wounds. His mother received that fateful call a short time later. "It's like (I had) all these flashbacks of him being a baby, and I'm like in a panic, an absolute panic, I mean it was just horrible," Sutton said.

She immediately rushed to Kennestone Hospital and found her son Brandyn in a hospital bed with wounds all over his body. He suffered pellet wounds from birdshot to his leg, his arm, his neck and one in his stomach that doctors were concerned about because it lodged between his intestine and his bladder.

Police said Kramer used bird shot as ammo and it may have saved lives. That fact was not lost on Brandyn Stonebraker's mother. "I can't imagine losing my son and I just thank God that he wasn't hurt any worse than he was because he's such a great boy and he's got so much to live for," she said.

Brandyn Stonebraker was released from the hospital Wednesday morning. His mother said he is eager to get back to work at FedEx.



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