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Man arrested for hurling bottle | News

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Man arrested for hurling bottle

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. – Police say Facebook tips led them to a man accused of throwing a soda bottle out of his vehicle and onto a man's head.

Witnesses said they saw a man toss a plastic bottle from his Jeep window at the entrance of the Arbors subdivision on Towne Lake Parkway. Some who saw the actions were so appalled that they took pictures of the man and posted them on Facebook. Some even called the sheriff's office.

Those pictures, which included the suspect's tag number, led authorities to 22-year-old Michael Dotson.

Dotson told authorities that the man he struck with the bottle is a co-worker and that it was all a joke. The victim said otherwise.

"The suspect may have thought it was horse play, but the person who got hit in the head with the bottle certainly didn't think it was," Cherokee County Sheriff's Office Lt. Jay Baker said.

Dotson is charged with simple battery. He is out of jail on a $1,000 bond.