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The most prevalent crime is most preventable | News

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The most prevalent crime is most preventable

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga -- Cherokee County investigators are trying to catch two suspects after a series of car break-ins in a Woodstock subdivision. It is a crime that is usually hard to solve but in this case they have something very unusual. They have video of the suspects.

Entering autos is the most prevalent crime in metro Atlanta according to police. It is also the most preventable. Matt Comarato, who lives in the Towne Lake Hills West subdivision, learned it the hard way. "If my door was locked, they would have probably just moved on," he said. "My father's car was right next to mine, his door was locked and they didn't touch it."

Comarato's car was one of seven neighbor's cars that were broken into in the early morning hours on Sunday, July 28, 2013. Cherokee County Sheriff investigators released a video of two suspects they think are responsible, hoping to identify them.

The video shows one suspect on lookout while the other suspect checks to see if the vehicle is unlocked. The vehicle was locked and both suspects walked away. "This is an actual example on video where you can see what happens when you do lock your door," said Lt. Jay Baker. "It's almost a hundred percent preventable if you lock your door."

Another tip is to not leave valuable items in your car, especially if they are visible from the outside.

Entering autos ties up a lot of police work that could be spent on more serious crimes that are not as preventable.

Lt. Baker said the suspects in the break-ins in the Towne Lake Hills West subdivision appear to be teenagers. "We think that it's probably one of your typical entering auto cases where the suspects either live in the subdivision or live in a nearby subdivision," he said.

Call Cherokee County investigators at 770-928-0239 if your recognize the suspects in the surveillance video.

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