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Investigators hope sketch will help catch predator | News

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Investigators hope sketch will help catch predator

WOODSTOCK, Ga -- Investigators in Cherokee County have a new lead in the attempted abduction at a school bus stop. The 12-year old boy who fended off the assailant has given them a detailed sketch of the suspect.

As soon as Cherokee Sheriff Investigators released the sketch to the media they began getting tips from the public.

The suspect is described as middle aged with a skinny stature. He has brown eyes and a gray "scruffy" beard. The boy described the suspect wearing a tan desert camouflage hat and a blue shirt with a right breast pocket.

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Investigators said it is a very good description from a 12-year old who only confronted the suspect for a few seconds.

After he got off the bus the man, who was driving a four-door Dodge Ram pickup truck, told the boy his father was in the hospital and told him to get in the truck so he could take him to see his father. "And the kid wisely said wait a minute, I'm going to go ask my mom before I go anywhere with you," said Inv. Chip Dobbs.

Investigators earlier released photos from the school bus that showed the four door Dodge Ram pickup truck waiting at the bus stop.

They were in the boy's neighborhood on Tuesday distributing the sketch to residents and asking them for help.

A.J. Baldwin lives next to the bus stop and looked at the sketch. "I mean so far he doesn't ring a bell," he said.

He sees the incident as a wakeup call. "It just kind of reminds you to always stay up even in your front yard with your kids," Baldwin said. "You always have to have your kids under a close eye."

Police see the sketch as an opportunity to take a predator off the street. "Now that we have a description of him and can actually see a picture of him even more so," said Inv. Dobbs. "And we're still getting phone calls on tips from this."

Investigators said the truck the suspect was driving is a very common vehicle with more than 200 in Cherokee County alone. But with the detailed sketch it makes it less common.

Investigators urge anyone who recognizes the sketch to call 911.

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