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WOODSTOCK: Wild turkey runs a-fowl | News

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WOODSTOCK: Wild turkey runs a-fowl
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WOODSTOCK: Wild turkey runs a-fowl

WOODSTOCK, Ga. -- There's much to be proud of in the city of Woodstock, one of the fastest-growing suburbs in the country. 

And that doesn't even count Bob -- Bob the Turkey.

"It's been entertaining, I'll tell you that much," said resident Jasper James. "He's been here a while."

Bob has been hanging around a green space right along Main Street in Woodstock. He has been there for nearly a year, according to some residents who see him every day, as he stands on the sidewalk.

"He's out here in the middle of the street, wreaking havoc on Woodstock traffic," said resident Mitch Evans.

"He stands on the fence over there, like he's a person," said resident Pamela Lee.

Bob, by the way, has a Facebook page like he's a person. For the people in the Serenade development across the street, Bob has his own title: unofficial mascot.

"He looked up at me and gave me that little 'gobble gobble gobble'," Lee said of one of her first encounters with Bob. "And I'm like, 'That's it; he's my friend now.'"

"I love animals, especially wildlife, and I thought it was pretty cool," said Woodstock Police Ofc. Peter Tinkham. "And then he chased me."

Yes, apparently Bob has a special attraction to police cars.

"He walked around the back and jumped on the back of my patrol car," Ofc. Tinkham recalled. "And I had to leave to go assist another officer, and he wouldn't get off the back."

That said, Bob has nearly become a Woodstock institution.

"It kinda brings something to the Woodstock community," Evans said. "For me, a kid who's from New York City, it basically tells me where I am."

"With all the construction going on and so little green space, it's just out of the ordinary to see something like that, and to stay this long," Ofc. Tinkham added. "He must see something he likes."

News, Urban Wildlife