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DINNERS ON A DIME: Dim sum delights | Restaurants

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DINNERS ON A DIME: Dim sum delights
DINNERS ON A DIME: Dim sum delights

ATLANTA -- This week, Dinners on a Dime features the best in Dim sum. Every Tuesday Where U Live chooses four favorite eats in your area for you to take your family and friends for a fabulous meal for a price that’s economically feasible in today’s economy.

Dim sum is a term used to describe small portions of Chinese food served in small steamer baskets or on small plates, basically Chinese tapas. Traditional dim sum includes various types of steamed foods, such as: dumplings, rice noodle rolls, vegetables, roasted meats and soups. Dim sum can be cooked by steaming and frying. Most meals are small and served with two or three pieces.

Perhaps Atlanta’s most well known dim sum restaurant, AJA, serves up “yummy, delightful and fresh” dim sum dishes, daily. According to some, the best dish they serve is the shrimp dumpling. The vegetarian dim sum is described as tasty but some say it dry and lacks flavor but the pork buns and dumplings have nothing but positive reviews. Frequent visitors describe the restaurant as having great service and positive ambience. The restaurant is located at 3500 Lenox Road in Atlanta.

Another favorite, Canton House, is a popular Cantonese restaurant that offers a full menu of dim sum selections. Complete with carts and bamboo baskets, waiters roll around the restaurant satisfying your Cantonese cravings. This restaurant is family friendly and it fills up pretty quickly. Favorite dishes include the braised duck, chicken feet and pork buns. Weekend and daily selections vary and most think weekends are better; however, check them out for yourself. The restaurant is located at 4825 Buford Highway in Atlanta.

In what is known as the “Hidden Treasure” of the Cheshire Bridge corridor stands the underground dim sum authority of Atlanta, Hong Kong Harbour. The restaurant has a pretty large menu and like any other restaurant, they give you a sheet of paper to check off your choice fare. Many diners think the shrimp dumplings are the best and others think the pork dumplings reign supreme, either way, choose one and you’ll be a good shape. The restaurant only pulls out the carts on the weekends, so come by on Saturday and Sunday for an authentic experience. Hong Kong Harbour is located at 2184 Cheshire Bridge Road in Atlanta.

The Oriental Pearl is known for its dim sum selection and the best time to go to this restaurant is for lunch. The restaurant serves all type of Chinese but is known for its dim sum. Unlike many other restaurants, Oriental Pearl rolls their cart around every day of the week. According to one restaurant goer, the pork buns are a favorite along with the dumplings. Check them out at 5399 New Peachtree Road in Chamblee.

Popular Atlanta area dim sum restaurant Doc Chey’s offers an array of choices all for under $7. All of the Dim sum is freshly prepared to order. Doc Chey’s offers Thai Coconut Soup, Chicken Soup, Basil Rolls and Shanghai Dumplings.  According to a reviewer, “their wait staff is always efficient, friendly and accommodating. It seems like they actually want to please the customer.” So, check them out if you want good food and a good experience. Doc Chey’s is located at 1556 North Decatur Road in Atlanta.

Happy Valley Seafood is widely regarded as one of the better dim sum restaurants in the area. The restaurant serves a wide selection of dim sum, like Sui mai, shrimp dumpling, fish ball and pork buns. All Dim sum dishes are priced moderately at $3.25 and they offer a luncheon special of small plates $2.25 and medium plates for $3.50. The owner of the restaurant is, according to some, very friendly and all of the items are served steaming hot and fresh. The restaurant is located at 4166 Buford Highway in Atlanta.

The East Pearl Restaurant in Duluth is one of the more popular dim sum restaurants in North Georgia. This restaurant is known for creating a new take on old recipes. The Roast Pork is a favorite and so is the Peeking Duck with dim sum. This restaurant also rolls their cart around every day. Check them out at 1810 Liddell Lane in Duluth.