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Photo Gallery | PHOTOS | 2012 Key Scholars

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. -- The Cherokee County School Districts boasts 124 Key Scholars for the 2011-2012 school year.

The Key Scholar Program recognizes and rewards the best and brightest students based on their standardized test scores.

This year's Key Scholars are those who scored in the 90th percentile or above on the Grade 11 Preliminary SAT. They were honored during a special ceremony at River Ridge High School, where they received certificates of achievement and patches for their letter jackets.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Frank Pertruzielo gave a speech that congratulated the students on their hard work:

To our distinguished students, you are here this evening because you rank in the top 10 percent of all students in the nation who took the PSAT exam in October of this school year. That is a major accomplishment, one for which you should be very proud. As academic leaders, you have the potential to continue distinguishing yourselves as high school seniors, in your college pursuits and, eventually, in your chosen careers.

Cherokee County's 2012 Key Scholars are:

Cherokee High School
Caleb Bowlick, Jeffrey Bradshaw, Matthew Davidson, Shawn Gressly, Sydney Harrison, Samantha Holloway, Jacqueline Kim, Ian Lewis, Alec Loos, Gibson Manous, Ashley Peterman, Dixie Ray, Jebb Ricketts, Caleb Rogers, Ashley Tofil, Wade Vine, Macy Werner, Amelia White, Taylor Wilson, Timothy Wolf, Skyler Wyatt, Eloise Yount

Creekview High School
Mary Blackwell, Benjamin Carraway, Victoria Cochran, John Cowart, Mason Gaddis, Janet Garner, Jordan Gates, Taylor Gates, Adam Geller, Tracy Hall, Emily Horn, Benjamin McFarlin, Ashley Pacilio, Kasey Perrin, Justin Pettyjohn, Jonathan Russell, Madeline Ryan, Kathryn Sanders, Edmund Schoewe, Abigail Sherrod, Kayla Spenard, Chase Tetpon, Madison Thrift, Tessa Trumbauer

Etowah High School
Emma Auger, Alyssa Baker, Sarah Banks, Lynae Bresser, Brandon Brooks, Christopher Carpentier, Braden Gathercole, Leslie Gostin, Hunter Hayes, Hannah Keith, Yuhjong Liu, Ahila Manivannan, Madison Miracle, Duncan Morgan, Dylan Morgan, Christian Petee, Shyanna Pruette, Conrad Quagliaroli, James Randall, Lucas Read, Clara Romero, Jamie Rule, Anna Smith, Emily Snook

River Ridge High School
Sofia Awan, Kyle Collins, Ian Donn, Nicholas Hancock, Kaitlin Herman, Hunter MacInnis, Davis MacKenzie, Joseph Mayes, Theresa Nguyen, Emma O'Bryant, Raj Patel, Jackson Weeg, Connor Wilkinson, Mark Wood

Sequoyah High School
Dalton Anderson, Ethan Bjorn, Hailey Brower, Savannah Chappelear, Dustin Dawson, Samantha Doniel, Victoria Gordon, Margaret Hartman, John Hutchinson, David Kemp, Anna King, Caden Kluge, Mary McIntyre, Molly McKune, Paige Miller, Courtney Millican, Julia Nailor, Haley Smith, James Stinson, Amanda Stump, Calvin White, Derek Willingham

Woodstock High School
Kerby Baier, Angela Banks, Kristen Bartlett, David Boggs, Clare Botti, Joshua Chang, Calvin Ebert, Jackson Finley, Sara Graf, Chloe Heidt, Tiffany Jaquins, Cheyenne Moon, Joshua Myers, William Pippin, Nicole Poirier, Leila Saleh, Luke Sellers, Anna Timm